And he took the gun from the holster, aiming it at the abomination.

"Gujaaaaa!", the abomination yelled.

"You won't have your day, mister! I'm gonna blast holes on you r head and turn your carcass into Zombeef", he screamed, before pulling the trigger on his Beretta whatever the model number is, it sure packs a punch.


"Take that, you!"


" it over?", he wondered, as he lowered his aim and waited for the smokescreen to clear, when suddenly,







The abomination successively hit the man with a 3-hit combo, yelling the name of each movement as he struck.


The man started to cough blood, before abomination landed another strike on him with a fire extinguisher that seems out of place.

"Mercy!", pleaded the man.

The abomination wasn't interested in letting him live, thus he further set the man on fire using a flamethrower. The man writhe in agony, crying. Soon, his biological activity stopped.... he died!

I am Zombie, an average ordinary zombie you'd see in daily life. I just killed a man who was hunting me. Now, as for the next item on my agenda today...

* Pick up baby Diane from nursery

... I guess it's my turn today. So I took the car key from the man's burnt carcass, and drove off on his Regal.

As I was driving along the road, one cab, windows opened, came very close to the driver's side of my car. Inside, was a clown whose face was on the wanted list. The clown yelled,

"Bupporu gyaru piru gyappoppa!!!"

Then he smashed his cab right onto my door. The car lost control, and as I held tight the steering wheel to get back in order, the clown further rammed the back of my car.

I peeked out the window and said to the clown in a loud voice,

"Sir, I beseech you to follow the traffic rules, lest you become nuisance to other people."

I shouldn't have done that. I myself didn't follow proper traffic rules by not looking to where I was driving. Lo, in front of me was a guardrail. Which was supposed to prevent me from falling into the chasm. But it didn't, as my car was zooming too fast.


I wish I had a better death cry. Now who will fetch Diane for me?


I am an ordinary wanted clown you'd see in daily life. I just saw a zombie to his death by ramming his car with my taxi. I don't know why, but I feel obliged to fetch his baby Diane from the nursery.